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Watering Accessories

Watering Tools and Equipment

GarDepot is a leading supplier of garden irrigation equipment in China, offering a wide range of watering tools and equipment for all your garden watering needs. From hoses, spray nozzles, watering cans to sprinklers, all products can be found here. Supporting OEM&ODM, retailers are free to customize their own brand logo.

Whether you are a retailer needing to replenish your watering tool inventory or looking to expand your own product line, our professional and friendly team can help you. Feel free to send us your inquiry, contact us to get a free quote!

Email: info@gardepot.com 

The right watering tools and equipment can make irrigation easier and better finished, allowing the landscape to flourish and become a beautiful sight in the garden. 

Let us be your irrigation equipment supplier and make every job a breeze with our products. 

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