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Gardepot has many years of experience in the supply of garden tools. We are a professional garden tools wholesaler, specializing in the production of high-quality farm tools, hand tools, including pruning tools, garden power tools, garden saws, etc. He has over 20 years of expertise in garden tools including wire drawing, stamping, welding, and casting. So far, the company has seven categories of products and hundreds of featured products. Specializing in the wholesale of gardening tools, the products are exported to America, Europe, Fiji, Greece, Russia and other countries and regions, and are well received. With our expertise, we provide our customers with quality OEM and ODM services.

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Why Choose Us As Your Garden Tools Supplier?

Get your front yard, backyard, and terrace ready for your next party or family gathering with our wholesale garden supplies. Our selection of affordable mini garden tools, lawn ornaments and discount garden supplies will help you make the most of the outdoor space in your home. Plus, these products can enhance the charm of your home and provide some fun projects for the whole family to have a lush lawn and attractive and functional patio by choosing our wholesale garden tools.

In China, we manufacture many professional, durable and economical products. We have been monitoring and upgrading the manufacturing process and product quality, and at the same time we minimize the production cost, providing customers with the most competitive gardening equipment at affordable prices. Therefore, this is also one of the top supply factories for our horticultural projects in China. All thanks to our excellent product quality, low cost and excellent service.

If you want your garden to grow, you've come to the right place. We offers a selection of wholesale gardening supplies, so you can get the tools that are best for you in a wide range of products. From mini garden tools and farm products to watering devices and garden accessories, you'll always find what you're looking for when you browse our site. If you are interested in our  gardening tools, please feel free to contact us!

Garden hand tools including rakes used to climb trees are one of the most common garden hand tools. A shovel is similar to a small shovel and is used to turn the soil and dig small holes. They vary in width and length. For gardens with tight spaces, such as rock gardens, long, narrow blades are best. Transplant shovels are specially designed to help dig and move established plants. Gardening forks can be used to till the soil in preparation for planting in small gardens. A hand hoe is another common tool. Hoes come in a few different shapes, but they do much the same thing. They can be used to dig trenches for planting, dig weeds between plants, and break down soil. Farmers do a similar job. They have three prongs that pull weeds out of the soil, along with any large rocks or clods. These gardening hand tools are essential to a well-maintained garden.

Garden hoes are used for turning soil and weeding. Sometimes it is difficult to easily clean up plants without damaging them. A hand rake is a smaller version usually used to rake leaves, which is great for this. It's flexible and they are able to work around plant stems, pulling out debris without hurting the plant's stem gardening hand tools. There are many gardening hand tools that are used to aid in planting a hole into which the bulb is placed all at once. Hollow planters dig holes in the soil to sow seeds or seedlings. There are also several different types of garden hand tools for weeding. Some weeders have only one fork, and the end of the fishtail weeder, used to weed between cracks and other tight areas, has a small V to pry weeds and rocks apart. Taproot weeders have two sharp tips on the end that do a great job of removing dandelions and other stubborn weeds. There are many options when shopping for gardening hand tools. Knowing what each tool does is critical to choosing the best tool for your garden.

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