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Daily Maintenance of Pruning Shears

Many people are good at using pruning shears, but they don't pay much attention to the maintenance of scissors, or they don't know that pruning shears also need daily maintenance. In fact, any sharp tool will be blunt without maintenance.
The new scissors have been sharpened without sharpening.The usual maintenance of pruning shears is mainly for trimming the cutting edge.For the small blade, you can use a thin diamond or a general whetstone to grind the blade to make the blade lasting and durable. Please note that the secondary blades on the back of the small blade should also be trimmed accordingly. However, the edge of the other curved blade can be polished gently.

Such grinding will remove the burrs and dirt of the cutting edge and small gaps in time, and the sharpened cutting edge will not only make the trimming easier, but also prolong the life of the scissors components.After sharpening the knife, you can first use a soft thing (things that can be cut without the need of force) to break the test. If you use a thin cloth, cotton, etc., test the effect of sharpening. In order to correct, until the soft things can be cut cleanly, and then trim the branches.
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