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Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow for Sale

Gardepot's heavy duty wheelbarrows are built to last and will make any of your landscaping jobs a success. We use light weight, rust resistant materials. We choose only the best components to make the best wheelbarrows for the job, whether you're transporting concrete or mulch, whether you're using them for construction or landscaping, heavy-duty wheelbarrows are ready for the job.

We export our products to all over the world, we have rich experience in wholesale and support OEM and ODM. if you are interested in our Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow, welcome to contact us to send inquiry.

E-mail: info@gardepot.com

We offer a wide variety of wheelbarrows with wheel types that can be pneumatic, solid or other, and with different load capacities and designs. Usually the pallets are made of steel or plastic, and the colors are green, blue, black or customized. You can choose according to your requirements.

Cost-effective Heavy Duty Wheelbarrows

In our heavy duty wheelbarrow line, there are both plastic and metal options. In addition to the most basic construction, metal heavy duty wheelbarrows have added support between the wheels and the pallet, allowing the pallet to hold more weight. Plastic wheelbarrows may not be as sturdy as metal wheelbarrows, but their high-quality materials are strong enough to handle a variety of heavy-duty tasks in the garden.

Sturdy, durable, heavy loads and no deformation are the main advantages of our heavy duty wheelbarrows. With reliable quality, the wheelbarrows are also cheap. We are confident that we offer our customers the best value for money when purchasing in bulk.

Choosing the Best Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow

1. Capacity of the bucket.

The first thing to consider is the capacity of the bucket to haul compost, soil, or gardening tools&supplies. Larger buckets can haul larger loads, but they are usually heavier and harder to push, so it's best to get the size that will meet your intended needs.

2. Steel and plastic.

Steel carts are stronger than plastic carts and can carry heavy loads such as bricks and rocks, but they are more expensive than molded plastic carts of the same size. Steel frames are also heavier than plastic, and the added weight can make a fully loaded wheelbarrow more difficult to push. Metal wheelbarrows are better for moving heavy loads or mixing concrete, as plastic wheelbarrows are more likely to crack under heavy pressure.


1. Q: What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

    A: It varies depending on the product, normally ranging from 500-2000 pcs.

2. Q: What is the unit price?

    A: The price depends on the order quantity and product quality. You can send us an inquiry to get a quote.

3. Q: Can I customize my logo/label/package?

    A: Yes, we offer all kinds of custom services.

4. Q: What is the lead time?

    A: Normally 45-90 days.

5. Q: Do you offer samples?

    A: Yes, we do.

6. Q: Do you have more clear pictures of the products?

    A: Yes, we do, please send email to us to get more information. Or you can send us your pictures for our reference, we will send you the quotes accordingly. Our email is info@gardepot.com.

7. Q: Can I get your latest catalogue?

    A: Catalogue is available, please contact us to get it, our email is info@gardepot.com.

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